helping you to grow personally and professionally

"Alpha Medical Academy has the best Personal Care Aide Training classes.  Compared to another PCA course that I took, I enjoyed being apart of this class the most.  The instructor makes sure that you thoroughly grasp the course materials. (T. Everett)

"I love how open and honest my instructors were.  They definitely showed their passion for helping me to succeed.  They created a relationship with each student that allowed them to be trusted, as well as offer correction when necessary.  Mrs. Muir and Ms. Boxer were constantly available before, during and after classes ended.  I knew absolutely nothing about the medical field coming into this class.  Now, I am extremely confident in my capabilities, learned at Alpha Medical Academy." (S. Thomas)

"Mrs. Muir is the best instructor that I have ever met.  She has patience and she also listens to you.  Mrs. Muir helps you in the area you need help in, no matter how many times it took, she never gets upset or say no.  Mrs. Muir also shows concern for her students and inspires them to want to do better.  I now have the confidence to go out in the world and become one of the best PCA ever, even becoming a nurse. Thank you Mrs. Muir, the world needs more people like you, caring and wanting your students to do better. " (R. Tann)

"Mrs. Muir is a great teacher.  She has lots of patience and she genuinely cares about her students.  I would not change anything about Alpha Medical Academy.  I'm pleased with the outcome of my training." (E. Baker)

"Mrs. Muir and Ms. Lisa have given me a wonderful learning experience at Alpha Medical Academy.  I am sooo grateful to be a part of it." (L. Rudebock)