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Personal Care Aide Program (PCA)



What is a Personal Care Aide (PCA)?

      A PCA is a person who helps persons who are disabled, chronically ill or cognitively impaired with their activities of daily living, whether within the home, outside the home, or both.  They also help older adults who may need assistance.  They assist clients with personal, physical mobility and therapeutic care needs, usually as per care plans established by a health care professional. 

What are the duties of a Personal Care Aide?

      The PCA duties includes the following:

           *  Help clients in their daily personal tasks, such as bathing or dressing

           *  Light housekeeping, such as making a bed, laundry, washing dishes, and    

              vacuuming a client's home

           *  Take client's vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respirations

           *  Preparing and serving client's meals

           *  Perform passive range of motion exercises

           *  Organize a client's schedule and plan appointments

     Alpha Medical Academy is dedicated to a dynamic student learning environment.  With our state of the art facility we are preparing future leaders in the medical industry.  The Personal Care Aide Program at Alpha Medical Academy is approved by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS). This course provides a minimum of 40 hours of nursing aide and personal care assistant training.  Graduates of this PCA program are only authorized to provide personal care nursing aide services to Medicaid Waiver recipients.  All students must understand that this program will not be recognized by the Virginia State Board of Nursing, nursing and medical facilities, or other state nursing boards, but only by DMAS Waiver programs.



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